Happy Trails

The Cowboy Yoyo® is the greatest American game you've probably never heard of—the perfect sidekick for the campfire, trail, or beach. It'll definitely put a bur under your saddle, but give it a go. 


Back in the 1800s, cowboys used to tie a weight to the end of a rope and practice throwing a loop over it, making a knot in the line. Somewhere along the way, this became known as a "Cowboy Yoyo."

My uncle David Stoecklein, a beloved Idaho Rodeo Hall-of-Famer and legendary Western photographer, gave me a Cowboy Yoyo many years ago. He has since passed, but in his honor, I now make them for you, by hand.

As David always said, "happy trails ahead." The legend lives on at the David R. Stoecklein Memorial and Education Foundation. Feel free to pay a visit, maybe even give to the cause.

(Pictured below: Uncle David at his ranch in Idaho)

Happy Trails,
Teddy Stoecklein
For adults and little bucs, ages 9 and up.
The Cowboy Yoyo® is a registered trademark of The Cowboy Yoyo, LLC