Happy Trails

The Cowboy Yoyo® is a great American campfire game. It's a wooden ball at the end of a rope, and the goal is to throw a loop over the ball creating a knot in the line. It's not easy, and it'll definitely put a bur under your saddle, but give it a go. 

Our great uncle David Stoecklein, a beloved Idaho Rodeo Hall-of-Famer and legendary Western photographer, gave our dad a Cowboy Yoyo many years ago. It's been around our campfires ever since. 

Today we make them by hand with locally sourced wood and rope. We can engrave them with logos and names, too. They make for great gifts.


(Pictured below: Uncle David at his ranch in Idaho)

Happy Trails,
Lulu and Wylie Stoecklein
The Cowboy Yoyo® is a registered trademark of The Cowboy Yoyo, LLC